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Terra Incognita

The central theme of one of my long-term projects is the domestication of nature, which encompasses both exterior and inner space as concepts on aesthetics.

Landscape in itself is in its origin a concept, which orignates in the beginning of industrialization and renaissance painting.

Seen as a concept, landscape therefore represents an image of an idea. We declare what an ideal landscape looks like and represent it e.g. in a photographic reproduction.

Electronic media have also created new landscapes via the influence of television, space flight, satellite imagery and new virtual digital technologies. These technologies play a central role in mediating our contact with landscape by offering instantaneous access to information creating a further acceleration and shrinking of time and space and leading to issues related to decontextualization of experience.

Using Google Street View I can roam in algorithmic spaces and landscapes created from our world in a virtual representation never seen before.

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