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Amalgamated Fragmentations / Assimiliation

© 2022 ongoing

The fundamental penetration of all things within the anthroposphere that constitutes the technosphere is the focus of my long-term project Amalgamated Fragmentations. The cultivated landscape, its artificial forms of representation and the resulting alienation of man from nature, I already addressed in my works 20 years ago. 

Our image of nature as static, balanced and harmonious is naive and needs to be reconsidered. Where technology and nature were traditionally seen as opposites, they now seem to merge or even exchange places. There is invasion and penetration in both directions: Plastic particles into organic matter and bacteria and fungi into artificial matter. Not only is the distinction between organic and artificial matter becoming more difficult visually, organisms are increasingly ingesting these nanoparticles because cells do not recognize them as enemies. Even my pseudoscientific experiments in the studio have shown how decay processes cause bacteria, molds, and plastic particles to form new matter and create new kinds of symbioses. 

On the one hand these digital collages show the fundamentally violent and destructive intervention of man in nature. Analogous to this is the disintegrating process of the fusion of organic and artificial matter. The eye oscillates between microcosm and macrocosm and through irritating proportions and perspectives questions are raised about the anthropocentric approach to nature.

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