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The central theme of my long-term project is the concept of landscape and its representation.

I’m interested how the duplication of landscape as aestheticised nature in the real world and the depiction of nature in art photography intertwine.

Nature is increasingly being laid out in an artificial manner. Its domestication encompasses both exterior and inner space as concepts on aesthetics.


Consequently new images of nature are internalized. With this interior imagery we again create landscapes within which we physically and mentally range.

Spaces of artificial environment, zones of attraction and splinter development are becoming increasingly familiar and merge constantly with the remaining rural and suburban landscape. (In Switzerland e.g. uncontrolled development has been recognized as an increasing problem regarding ecological, socio-cultural and political matters.)


But dealing with the subject of interior and exterior images on nature with the means of photography has not only a merely clarifying effect. There remains an impression of aesthetification and deception. A pictorial universe is being generated opening up interspaces.

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