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I’m investigating visual fragmentation, by exploring the perception and mapping of spatiality.

The viewer searches his way from the inside to the outside and turns around, is reflected, shifted, is thrown back over and over again, finds neither exit nor access, gets stuck on the surface of the picture.

The space is not where it ought to be, because there is neither behind nor beyond the surface nor depth or reality. It is generated as a subjective dimension in the head of the viewer based on his/ her perception.

The pictures are no effigies, they show aspects and limitations of legibility.

They avoid an unequivocal meaning or placement and thus deconstruct a contrived reality, ones own view of the world.

The segmented world becomes inescapably visible by the composition and the cropping. They uncover the surreal in reality.


The following images have not been digitally manipulated. This series summarizes an ongoing project, in which I examine the visual perception in reference to reflection.

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