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Days of Future Passed

© 2022 ongoing

We have created technologies to see and change smallest molecules, we get images of galaxies from 40 million light years away, every day we discover in the depths of the sea, the earth and the universe previously unknown and at the same time we destroy both our and most other organisms basis of life. Like a last gasp just before collapse, we catch a brief glimpse into the miracle of existence and witness it in shock.


We are not only the perpetrators of the sixth mass extinction, we document the decay, archiving in drawers the legacy we have destroyed for bacteria and fungi that will outlive us. We look for survival possibilities in the universe and penetrate persistently with toxins into the deepest layers of the earth. 


Freely after Hegel: since cycles of life and death close and renew themselves, since nothing exists of duration except the constant change, we must reconcile ourselves with the certainty of the self-destruction of mankind.


The primordial soup, however, continues to make new life possible, intermolecular forces evolve things still unknown to us, fungal spores fly to distant planets, and jellyfish unfold in their most perfect beauty. Time and space intertwine.

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