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Amalgamated Fragmentations / Synthesis

The underlying interpenetration of all things within the anthroposphere that constitutes the technosphere is the focus of my long-term project.

Our image of nature as static, balanced and harmonious is naive and needs to be reconsidered. Where technology and nature have traditionally been seen as opposites, they now seem to be merging or even swapping places. An invasion in both directions is taking place, a new kind of synthesis is emerging.

Dead and artificial materials that are no longer consumed are being decomposed by microbes and fungi and made available as nutrients for new bioproduction. In the new bioeconomy, fungi play an important role in addressing major global challenges. 

They contribute to improved resource efficiency, produce renewable substitutes for products derived from fossil resources, valorize waste streams into valuable food and feed ingredients, counteract diseases of civilization and antibiotic resistance by strengthening gut biota, make crops more robust to withstand climate change conditions, and act as host organisms for the production of new biological medicines.

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