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Amalgamated Fragmentations / Technosphere


On my search of traces of the Anthropocene I have created layered images by means of cyanotype-process.

Vintage lithographic prints of earliest known micro-organisms, algae, ferns, lichen and other plants, human cells, tissue and organs as well as pages of school-atlas are the carrier for the further procedure.

The second layers are transparencies of printed circuit boards, hardware devices and novel bacteria living on plastic.

The artificial mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide cause a photosensitive solution which is applied to the impressions to be exposed to the sun.

The transparencies as well are symbolizing the technical imprint on nature, the so-called Technosphere. The combination stands for the human-generated chemical and technical creation, alteration, interaction and destruction of the biosphere.

Technological means have been a main source for radical changes in our handling with nature and further empower mankind to subject the natural world. Digital and chemical techniques are part of everyday life, polluting and implanted in organisms of various kinds down to biological cells.

The underlying pervasion of all matters within the Anthroposphere is the focus of my longterm project. This series is a part of it.

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