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Amalgamated Fragmentations / Microbescape


During my research on new types of organisms living in the Anthropocene on inorganic materials I found old 6x6” negatives in my grandfathers archive. These were exposed to humidity for the last 40 years and transformed the surface of the film into a living space to all kinds of microbes. The latter have altered the initial landscape to a unprecedented one: a microbescape, revealing a possible outcome of climate change.

Especially considering the fact that bacteria and viruses have been preserved for millions of years in permafrost and glaciers and are now released into a whole new environment where the outcome and consequences of these amalgamations are unprecedented and unpredictable.
The pictures are dated with 1963, my very first year on earth and the time being the beginning of massive industrial and agricultural pollution.

While the pictures are beautiful in their appearance they also present an alarming destruction of our world. They both show a by now altered as well a futuristic landscape.
The images are printed on plexiglas to emphasize the inherent artificiality of the subject.

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